ALL IN! Bundle


Introducing our Biggest Bundle – the ALL IN! BUNDLE: the Perfect Combination of Quality and Value!

Are you a hairdresser or barber looking for top-quality tools that are stylish, functional, and affordable? Look no further than our biggest bundle!

This bundle is perfect for both new professionals entering the industry and seasoned stylists looking to upgrade their kit. With our biggest bundle, you’ll receive:

  • theCLASSIC Tool Bag ($100 Value)
  • 6 WET/DRY Clips ($15 Value)
  • 4 Carbon138 Combs ($40 Value)

All the tools you need for any hairdressing or barbering job, in one convenient package.

– theCLASSIC Tool Bag is made of top-quality materials and offers ample storage space for all your tools. It’s designed with style in mind and is a favorite among professionals for its functionality and durability.

– Our WET/DRY Clips are designed for easy and precise styling, and their versatility means they’re suitable for use on wet or dry hair.

– The Carbon138 Combs are made of high-quality carbon fiber, making them strong and durable. They’re perfect for precision styling and feature a comfortable grip for easy handling.

Ordering our biggest bundle is an easy way to get everything you need to excel in your profession. By joining our tribe of dedicated professionals, you’ll have access to the very best tools and can rest assured that you’re making a smart investment in your career.

So why wait? Order our biggest bundle today and take your hairdressing or barbering skills to the next level!